Recovered: Sean Spicer’s Book Report on Anne Frank From Early Days


After Spicer’s insensitive and inaccurate Hitler analogy on Tuesday, his middle school English teacher came forward with a book report she saved to remind her why she must educate young white males. Nelly Ruiz said that Sean Spicer turned in what was supposed to be a two-page analysis of The Diary of Anne Frank that simply said:


“I thought girlz [sic] kept diaries to talk abt there [sic] crushes. No wonder little Annie was an orfan [sic]. SNOOZEFEST.”


Ruiz says that Spicer clearly mixed up Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who kept a diary during the Holocaust, and Annie, the orphan protagonist of the musical Annie. Although Ruiz failed him for the assignment and the course, she said that Spicer’s grades mysteriously showed up as As on his end-of-year report card. Eritas earlier confirmed that Spicer’s parents paid generous amounts of money to his school so that he could pass without learning. Stay tuned for more developments.


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