Hitler Comparisons Batting 1000 for Winning Arguments


As it has become very clear from the YouTube comments section and the ask.fm I set up a few years ago, Hitler comparisons are the fastest and simplest way to win an argument. Completely foolproof and have literally never lost an argument.

Take for example yesterday at a press conference: Sean Spicer invoked the Hitler comparison out of the blue when talking about military air strikes in Syria. Everyone was so stunned by his immediate jump to the Hitler comparison that no one knew how to argue against him. All the reports gathered could do was try and ask him to clarify his statements, but Spicer knew they had already lost.

Another example of this 100% proven method is when I pwned this noob on the boards the other day. He was trying to convince me that the earth is round, but there is no scientific evidence for that, so I went straight to comparing him trying to shove his liberal lies down my throat to the Holocaust. His account, RoundEarther420, was deactivated minutes later as he had been seriously dealt with. The others at the Flat Earth Society were so proud of me for winning yet another battle with ignorance.

So remember, if you are ever about to lose an argument, invoke the Hitler comparison. I can’t stress this enough: it does not matter how insignificant the argument is, always use it. Always. It’s super effective.

This article was written by a guy who asks where his hug is every single time you interact with him. Men, too. It’s 2017.


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