Trump Intentionally Mispronounces Things He Doesn’t Want to Be Associated With


(Washinton, D.C.) After recent press conferences and state addresses, many are speculating about Donald Trump’s declining mental state. Some are wondering if he is fit for office if he can’t even pronounce something as simple as “Nevada” correctly. Republican pundits are blaming the entire thing on Barack Obama inserting a tiny spy agent inside of Trump’s head, which has led to some close calls and near misses. However, us here at Eritas Daily believe that this is a well thought-out strategy by Trump to distance himself from things he doesn’t want to be associated with, like when he mispronounced “Nazis” yesterday morning. Here is our case.

Take January 11th as an example, a mere week and a half away from his inauguration, where Donald Trump repeatedly said the word “industry” wrong. This one may not seem like a good thing for him to distance himself from, considering he was elected on the basis that he is a good business man, whatever that means, but it might actually be brilliant. He was mispronouncing a simple word like industry to appeal to rebellious youths who hate the establishment, people he really wanted to make sure he had on his side. If he doesn’t even know what industry is or how to pronounce it, how could he be in the pocket of Big Business? Makes sense, right?

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 2.34.07 PM

Now let’s go back to a few days before the election, where Trump mispronounces Beyoncé’s name, something impossible to do by any rational human being. Anyone who has ever heard the angelic voice of our fair Beyoncé know how to say her name. Trump obviously must think that Beyoncé is not a world famous pop icon, but a new disease out of the South Sahara. He would definitely want to distance himself from something like that, which could affect the way people think of him, and not from Beyoncé, who has a hive of bees at the ready. It’s a pretty good tactic.

Then there was this time a year ago tomorrow when he mispronounced Tanzania and had to be defended on Twitter by Newt Gingrich for some reason. This was another weird day on Twitter, where everyone seemed to completely misunderstand why Trump was doing what he was doing. He knew that East coast elitist liberals would know where Tanzania was and how to say it, but he knew that his ROI for mispronouncing it with his southern base would yield greater results than the fallout. Plus, most of his supporters don’t even know where Tanzania is, much less how to say it, so why would they care? If he were to ever pronounce an African country’s name correctly, he would immediately lose all respect they have for him.


(Also, can we go back to that tweet? It’s one of the worst takes in recent memory)

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 3.12.49 PM


Even simple things like calling Paul Ryan by the wrong name are classic power moves that any person in business understands. When people you don’t care for are getting too chummy, call them by the wrong name.


Now that you understand the deep thinking and well thought-out strategies of 45 and his administration, maybe you won’t be so quick to judge him on his pronunciation. I mean, what’s that old Ella Fitzgerald song, “You say tomato / I say tamato / you say dementia / I say presidential?” A classic tune for any time period.


This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who most commonly mispronounces the word “mothball sandwich.” Follow for more stuff like this on Twitter @NPEllwood


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