A Photoset of the Grey’s Anatomy Cast when We Told Them the Fundamental Truths of the Universe


In honor of Grey’s Anatomy getting renewed for a 14th season, we decided to finally publish this photo diary of the different times we told members of the cast fundamental truths about the universe. We love the show here at the office and hope you can indulge us on this little trip down memory lane.

Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey when we told her “There is no such thing as ‘freedom.'” 


She did not take this news too well. When we went on to tell her that no matter what physical freedom she might think she is feeling, none of us are truly free from abstract concepts like the human condition or that we are going to die, she wouldn’t stop screaming


Patrick Dempsey aka Derek Shepherd when we told him “We live in an indifferent universe.” 


He didn’t seem too thrown off by it and simply flashed his classic McSteamy smile before saying “No worries, man.” We swooned.


Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev when we told him “World Peace is impossible to achieve.” 


Look at those cold, dead eyes. He couldn’t give a flip.


Sara Ramirez aka Callie Torres when we told her “There are no absolutes, only the relative.” 


She told us that those were the exact words her grandfather told her just before he jumped out of a moving train, never to be seen again. Eerie.


Katherine Heigl aka Izzie Stevens when we told her  “The only constant is change.”

From EPP

“I know!” she yelled in reply. “Isn’t that just terrifying?” She was smiling but it looked like her eyes were screaming. We just left her that way in the same place where we found her, working at a Waffle House in Albuquerque.


Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang when we told her “There is no such thing as ‘right,’ ‘wrong,’ ‘good,’ or ‘bad.'” 


“I’ve never thought about that. I need to go talk to my therapist.” Sandra is very good about keeping her mental health in top shape. Good on you, Sandra!


Chyler Leigh aka Lexie Grey when we told her “There is no such thing as truth.” 


“What do you mean by that?” she asked, suddenly very serious.


“Truth is not something that can ever be defined,” we mansplained. “But don’t worry, the way we process the Universe is enough to make progress and find happiness, isn’t that enough?”


“Of course not. You don’t know anything. Anything!”


Kind of a rude way to end an interview.


Eric Dane aka Mark Sloan when we told him “There is only so far as we can go.” 


“That’s what you think,” he told us, spitting out blood and patching up his own unrelated head wound. “I’ve glimpsed the singularity and you have no idea what we as a species are capable of.”


He then walked out the hospital we had met him in and was immediately hit by a city bus.


And finally, Jesse Williams aka Jackson Avery when we told him “Total equality is a paradox that will never fulfill itself.” 


“See man, there you go again with that BS,” said Jesse, my great friend, before bowing his head. “I don’t know if we should hang out anymore.”


So, yes, I made this little photoset as a way to mourn my friendship with Jesse Williams, but we’ve all got problems, so let’s get you some fruit.


This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who legitimately has never seen a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.



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