How to Talk to Your Kids About Slime


(Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) It seems that teens, tweens, and in-betweens are taking to a new trend of selling slime in their middle schools, roller derbies, and basketball games. Apparently, playing with slime started as a way to relieve stress for the students, but it has now become an odd obsession for many.

“I love getting my hands on new slime every week,” said one student of Mildred Coolidge Middle School. “The slime helps me forget about the upcoming war. My teacher told me that this would most likely be the last one.”

Sounds this is a trend that shows no signs of stopping. In order to make sure and know how to talk about this with your kids, we have done the research and can tell you what you need to know.


Where did slime come from?


It is unknown where the first instance of natural slime was seen, but synthetic slime has been a suburban past time for decades. Many of us have fond memories of our own versions of slime, whether that be Play-Doh or some other putty, but this is a completely different animal. Slime today is homemade and ranges far and wide in texture, size, and color. Some are even using glitter to enhance the appeal of their slime, while others are sticking to the basics.


How is slime made?


The process for creating this goo, which some are referring to as “flarp” or “gak,” is relatively simple. You grab your least favorite lotions, creams, and fragrances and then you throw them in a bowl. Once you mix up this bowl of goop enough it will take a semi-solid form, this is where you get slime. Be careful not to create slime in any of the following environments: near an open flame, in an elevator, at the dog park, or near a day care. Avoiding these areas will ensure less slime related injuries and illnesses for you and your loved ones.


Should I be worried about slime being a gateway to other goos?


Slime as a gateway goo is a myth peddled by parents who are afraid to let their kids use the full depth of their minds. Instead of talking to their kids about their goo usage, these parents seek to use fear and lies to prevent their children from using slime. While most of these slimes have not been tested by the fda and by all means could be considered legal, it’s not like anyone is getting hurt by a few kids toss a goo around. If you are worried about your kids experimenting with other goos, just talk to them. It’s really not that hard.


How should I react if my child brings slime home?


If your child, student, or parakeet brings home their very own slime, do not freak out on them. Instead, see if you can share their appreciation for it. Also, if your student has an entrepreneurial streak in them, see if they can’t make their own slime and sell it at school. Nothing says early college acceptance like building a small business before turning 12.


Is slime here to stay?


At this point it is still too early to say whether this slime thing is a fad or here to stay, but all we do know is that you had better get on the slime train now. You don’t want to be the only guy still into slime if this ship changes course. We have heard from some local pre-teens that the big new trend is going to be wearing flip flops as earrings, but we think they were just making fun of us. You never can tell with those guys.


This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who was a big Goohead back in the 90s. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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