7 Reasons why the Entity from It Follows is a Feminist Icon



Horror movies have a special place in all of our hearts. That place is right next to the centipedes, millipedes, and middle school bathroom experiences we all try our best to forget about, but still, it’s in there, in that fleshy blood organ we all love.


As we all know, one of the ultimate heartthrobs of the horror genre is the Entity from the movie It Follows. In the film, the Entity is the result of a curse that was created through unknown means who endlessly stalks their victims until they either kill them or find a new person to pursue. What a charmer!


Not only is the Entity big with the ladies, but they are also big with the ladies in a feminist way too. In order to shine a light on all of the good the Entity has done for the feminist community, we have created this fun listicle with our seven reasons why we consider them to be a feminist icon.


(1) They organized the women’s march. 170121211838-28-womens-march-dc-super-169

Oh you thought the 2017 Women’s March on Washinton was organized by Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour? Think again. The Entity was the powerful other-worldly force who planned the entire operation and ensured that all of the proper permits were in place. The reason this isn’t common knowledge is that the Entity is incredibly humble and will not accept credit no matter how much we try to give it to them.


(2) First non-binary person to run for public office


Not only was the Entity the first non-binary person to run for office, but they were also the first person to win! However, progress is sometimes as slow as molasses, so the Entity was not allowed to hold office, due to a history of countless murders. The Entity understood and told reporters when the news broke that they “wanted to spend more time on their stalking and murdering,” something that public office would have taken up too much time for them to do well.


(3) Drove the first woman ever to vote to the polls


The Entity is known for their fear of driving, but they overcame their anxiety and drove Lydia Taft to the Unitarian church where she historically cast the first vote for women and made a great step for the American suffragettes. The Entity followed her inside and watched it all happen while silently eating a security guard. What a legend.


(4) Wrote the hit song “Formation,” made famous by Beyoncé


Again, the Entity is a very humble soul and doesn’t take credit for this, but when Beyoncé said in her acceptance speech that “the immortal coil would be such an awful burden if I could not rely on my constant friend,” she was referring to the Entity. They are, apparently, great friends. It was even rumored that one of the twins Beyonce is currently carrying would be named after the Entity, but their true name cannot be pronounced by human tongues.


(5) Built the rocket that took the first woman to space.


Back in 1963, the Entity was spending some alone time in Russia, and while they were finding themselves out on the steppes, they decided to build a rocket for the hell of it. Contrary to popular belief, Valentina Tereshkova launched into space on this rocket build by the Entity, and not the Russian space program. She launched the rocket into space and brought it down on her own volition and no men were involved at all, just a lonely, eternal friend.


(6) Ghostwrote the Handmaid’s Tale.


Margaret Atwood definitely had a huge hand in the writing of the book, but the main plot points of the story came from the Entity’s ageless brain. Having lived for an eternity and seen firsthand the suffering of women across the world, the Entity knew exactly which atrocities to highlight. They even directed the first three episodes of the Hulu show, but how are you going to explain that to most viewers?


(7) Ended the reign of men.


This is what will go down as the Entity’s most notorious victory, the victory over all men.  When all was left, only women and those who were friends of the Entity remained, and the world was a better place for it. Oh wait, this might not have happened yet, but it will. Don’t worry.


This completes our list on why we consider the Entity to be one of the greatest feminist icons of the last hundred million years. Praise be.


This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who was followed by the Entity for awhile back in 09. It was chill. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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