Houston Woman Marks Herself “Safe” 3 Hours Before First Drop of Rain

A local Houston woman marked herself as “safe” using a popular Facebook function, just 3 hours before Tropical Storm Harvey first made landfall on the 3rd coast.

” I was just so excited”, says Kelsey Brennon, 28 of Houston, TX. “I remember seeing my friends marking themselves safe when the attacks happened in Paris, and Orlando and just thought, ‘Wow that’s so cool.” I was really hoping something threatening would happen in my area so Facebook could let me use the function too. When I logged in and saw they were doing it for the storm, I just couldn’t believe it. My heart just sunk and I had to click safe so all my friends ant family would know.”

When we asked about why she marked herself safe before Harvey had even made landfall, Brennon responded, “Oh yeah well I figure Zuckerberg is a smart guy. Didn’t think they’d let people do it if there wasn’t actual real danger y’know?”

Upon further investigation, 687,453 people used Facebook to mark themselves safe who were either in an area that has received no rain, or several hours before being hit with light scattered showers. More on this story as it develops.




This article was written by Omar Ghaznavi who has personally fought six hurricanes himself. Do not mess with him. 


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