Taco Tuesday Brought to a Screeching Halt by Single, Over-Ambitious Smoke Alarm


(Portland, ME) Taco Tuesday had been a Grigorovich family tradition ever since Dan and Nevin started living together in college. Now, with a child on the way and a down payment on a house in the suburbs, they felt that they were finally becoming adults. Nevin loved Taco Tuesday the most because of Dan’s famous salsa that he made. He was as white as they come, but something he did with the jalapeños just really made it pop. They were just frying some peppers and onions to put on the locos tacos when all of a sudden the entire mood of the night was shattered.


Nevin was the first to run across the apartment to the smoke alarm to try and turn it off, but he couldn’t figure out how. Dan came over after turning on the oven fan and ended up just knocking the alarm off the ceiling and sent it flying into the TV. This had been a recent gift from Nevin and he immediately left the room in anger.


Dan, unsure of what to do next, went to check on the stove and make sure the tacos were ok, because honestly, he had his priorities straight. After making sure the peppers and onions were sautéed to perfection, Dan went to check on Nevin in the next room.


“Nevin, hon, are you okay?”


“Oh, you know me,” Nevin replied, hysterically. “I just wanted a normal Taco Tuesday. What are we going to do now?”


“I know!” Dan replied enthusiastically. “Let’s order from Taco Bell.”


Taco Bell: Your Emergency Contact. 






This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who would like to thank Taco Bell for sponsoring this post. Wow. What an honor. Follow Nate-dog on Twitter for more shenan, that’s what the kids are calling shenanigans these days, @NPEllwood.


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