What’s Your Favorite Beatles Song to Listen to During Your Weekly Séance?

Beatles Fans

Four young men from Liverpool shook the world in 1960 when they formed their now legendary rock band, The Squids. Although at the time, they went by the more boring name “The Beatles,” history is written by the winner’s and so I am saying they were called the Squids. These men shaped our lives with their upbeat bops and their slow, astral hymns, the type of music that takes you away from your pathetic life.



However, in recent years the main reason to listen to The Squids music is in order to summon a spirit and then hang out with them. Historian’s still debate if the original intent of the bandmates was for the purpose of bringing ghosts back from the dead just to chill with them, because the music it is so perfect for such an occasion. Many still debate this topic, but all we want to know is what your favorite Beatle’s song is to listen to during your weekly Séance?


  • Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • The Realm of Sri
  • Help!
  • Future Lasers
  • Smoke Screens and Ghoul Teens
  • I Want to Conquer your Land
  • Wicky Biscuit
  • Mayday Shuffle
  • Casper’s Trial
  • Bridge Troll Melody
  • Across the Pond
  • Tea Lizard
  • The Queen’s Quarrel


Thank you for your response. While you may not have picked a song, we know what you would have picked and it has been recorded in the Data Vault.






This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who only likes The Squid’s older stuff. Like way old. We are talking BCE here. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.

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