Instagram Models On Strike: Demand Unionization, Health Benefits


All over the world, Instagram models have banned together to voice their concerns about their lack of a union. Negotiations for the models to have health benefits and retirement options are still in progress. This is an issue that both “insta” models and their followers hope is resolved soon.


“I’m the bread winner in my family” instagram model Annie, known on instagram as @hot.daddy.bikin.annie explains, “I have over a million followers and I only paid for 10,000 of them. Tea-Tox has now reposted me over three times. I have put in the work, I deserve the same benefits as any hard working American.” Annie goes on to explains that her job has physical taxations that could be a huge financial burden due to her current lack of health insurance. “I risk my life everyday for my job. More than once I have fallen trying to get the right angle. There is only so much self-timer can do!” Annie is a frontrunner in this new frontier for instagramer’s rights. “NFL players are continuously covered after they can’t meet the physical needs of their job. I need coverage when I can’t meet the aesthetic standard of mine too. There is only so much squatting and filters can do in your thirties.” This is a short career for many insta models, Annie explains. “We can’t all make the leap from swimwear and fashion to lifestyle, baking and home décor.”


“I pay for my selfie stick, my tapeworms, for my insta to be sponsored, for my steroids, and for my prostitutes, I should be able to write that off in my taxes.” Workout Guru and instagram playboy Josh, known as @brolife4life, told us. “I haven’t worked this hard to be instagram famous, for us to not be unionized.  Even Coal miners are unionized and they get to punch out and go home at the end of the day. I can never escape work, instagram is 24/7 job. I can’t just stop and go back to my cottage.” Josh explains that his work doesn’t only entail physical, but emotional distress as well. Internet trolls comment harsh, demeaning comments on many instagrammer’s pages. “They think we don’t read them, but we do, and it hurts. I can’t forget those comments or the users who post them. @Destinyslovesmusic, I don’t have chicken legs and my hair line isn’t receding!!”


Since the popular social networking site has not brought the models any resolution, most models have gone on strike. This has affected, many of the “influencers” followers.


Alex, a slightly below average 23-year-old college student, said it has drastically affected his everyday routine. “I normally look at girls insta(gram) pages prob(ably) for four to five hours a day. Now I just kinda look at memes, I would rather see the girls.” While this negatively affected Alex it has had positive affects on others.


“Without the instagram models, I have started to feel okay about my body again” Rachel, a perfectly normal sized high school student with mild body image issues told us. “I normally would get on instagram between classes and feel bad about my body, but now I kinda feel normal.”






This article was written by the brilliant Caroline Baniewicz, who would like to remind you that Tide Pods are only for special occasions and should not be eaten on just any ol’ Tuesday night. Follow her for more on Twitter @CarolineBano.


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