The Animal’s Kingdom, a Poem by Holly Ratcliff


When we let the animals run for president,

a mutt won the democratic vote with

an overwhelming majority.


Inspired by the United States’

sudden improvement with public relations,

The Queen of England resigned.

In her place, a badger

surreptitiously snuck on-

to the throne. Not a subject


China responded with their nation’s

animalian treasure (see: Beijing Olympics):

the giant panda.

A bamboo shoot hung from

his lips, not too unlike a cigar.

A colony of Siberian ants overthrew

Putin. Russia now expects its

most fruitful harvest to date,

having enlisted the help

of many grasshoppers.


We have no reason

to believe, without

a shadow of a

doubt, that

their motives are not,

in fact, benevolent.






This poem was written by the wonderful Holly Ratcliff, who undoubtedly was a forest god in a previous life. Holly studied poetry at Texas State University. Her literary research is available through the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal: “‘Too much water hast thou, poor Ophelia’: An Object-Oriented Reading of Hamlet.” Twitter/Instagram: @HollytheHare 


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