Can’t Afford Therapy? Get All the Mental Health Insight You Need Studying Your Emoji Usage

shutterstock_755548513.jpgEver sign up for your employer’s health plan, only to find out it’s so terrible that your boss doesn’t even use it? I’ve been there – expanding out the map’s mile radius to ‘bumblefuck’ on the 90s relic search for care engine that your health insurance provider offers. You think, I’ll settle for a licensed nurse – oh, none around? Life coach – oh, still aiming too high? Someone who read a pamphlet once on mental health killing time in a waiting room? Nah, nope.


Well, good news is – the answers are right in front of you, or, er, under your thumbs that is.


Emoji usage will tell you a lot about your actual emotions. You know the obvious:

😃 – Happy

😭 – Sad

😡 – k


But, what about the more complex, nuanced emotions? The, ‘My sexual desire is limited’ emoji? Or the, ‘My dad never cared about me’ emoji? But most importantly, the ‘What am I even passionate about?’ emoji.


First off, think about what emojis you use vs. the ones you don’t use. If you hover over the perfect one, but hesitate out of fear of being too brazen 😤 – ask yourself what it is about that emoji that scares you.


Next, notice the emojis that you aspire to use.


You’re Frequently Used looks like this:



But you want it to look like this:



Ask yourself what scarifies you’re making in your everyday life that are impacting your full potential.


Lastly, it’s important to look for patterns:

😴🤮🤒 – Focus on your self-care. Every fighter needs a little R&R.

😬😳😮 – Open up your lines of communication. Information is hitting you harder than you can process it, but maybe you’re not being receptive to it earlier on.

🏅🏆👑 – You’ve got, or you are – someone special. Take a moment to appreciate that.


Maybe you have a life that emoji-less. That’s perfectly ok. Pressure is on to express your text in dynamically chromatic ways, but best to follow your intuition. Plain text works perfectly fine for this kind of introspection.


Whichever way your choose to express yourself, know that the clues needed to assess your mental health are all around you, produced and curated by you. And luckily, this advice comes co-pay free 💸





This article was written by Sienna Puleo, navigating the stress and strain of daily life – one abbreviated sentiment at a time. Sienna is also known for singlehandedly expelling all of the tyrannical gods from this realm and will not rest until our safety is guaranteed. Thanks Sienna.

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