Scientists Discover That No One Has Ever Seen the Same Moon Twice


Breaking News. Scientists, after months of research with their dear cousins, Astronomers, have discovered something truly strange. The moon we each see in the night sky, you know, the one we all pretend doesn’t control our lives? Right, well it turns out that the moon you and I are looking at each night is not the same moon. Not only that, but you have never seen the same moon twice. Even if you went out early one evening and saw a moon in the sky, then went to bed, woke up, and saw another moon in the sky, neither of them would be the same moon. Over the course of history, our planet has been visited by countless moons. What do they want? Are they friend or foe? Let’s find out.


This all began two weeks ago when Dr. Jillian Vanderbrand and her wife Dr. Gillian Vanderbrand published in article in Science! Today, a popular science magazine for all you nerds out there. In the article, the dynamic duo presented evidence that no two humans on earth have ever seen the same moon twice. Their initial research began after they spent a month at a coastal observatory, diligently sketching the moon each night and comparing their notes in the mornings over coffee. It wasn’t an exciting life, but it was enough for them.


That being said, they are both still scientists, so of course they ran some tests and filled some beakers, but to no avail. Determined to get to the bottom of things, the couple tapped into their other favorite pastime, witchcraft. The two said an incantation and a spell or two might have been cast, the end result was the same. They knew right away that of the 60 moons they had observed across 30 nights, none of them were the same.


They were each unique. They were each beautiful.


The Vanderbrands knew that they had an obligation, a responsibility to look after these new-found children. They would love these moons as if they had birthed them from their own wombs. It has only been with great thought and hesitation that the Vanderbrands have come forward with their story, but they knew that the only way that there would be enough love for all of their children was if they spread the news.


You see, over the course of our lives, we are only given so many moons. So many children. We must spend as much time as possible with each of them before they fade into the void, never to be seen again. So tonight, and each night moving forward, spend time with the moon and get to know the children you have been blessed with.





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who really loves the moon. Follow him for more moon stuff on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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