Jimmy Fallon Conducts Flawless 11 Minute Interview with Sack of Flour He Mistook for Oscar Issac


(Manhattan, NY) Last night on America’s favorite television program, Jimmy Fallon did something that no one thought possible: he kept an interview going with a large sack of flour that he had mistaken for Oscar Isaac. If you have never seen Fallon work before, you are witnessing something truly stunning with each show. I don’t know how to describe it, just somehow, all of his jokes land. This is never more clear than in the spellbinding 11 minute interview that some spectators are calling “flawless.” Who is this man? And where does he get this talent?


The interview begins fairly normally, with Fallon and the large sack of flour already in position at the desk. However, the audience perceives that something is off right from the get-go. As the applause fades, Fallon leans over and says to the large sack of flour, “So, any thoughts on the whole Finn-Poe thing?” There are a few whoops from the audience, but for the most part all is quiet.


Not one to miss a beat, Fallon answers his own questions and nudges the large sack of flour in a warm-hearted manner, saying “I get it, don’t want to spoil episode 9, right?” At this point, everyone is confused and members of the crew are motioning to each other, trying to understand what is happening. Jimmy, noticing a shift in the temperature of the room, clarifies what is happening. “So, you,” Fallon motions to the large sack of flour, “Oscar Isaac, are in movies I hear? Anything I would have seen?”


It’s obvious Fallon is looking for applause, but again none comes. “Just kidding, I know you man. I’m a huge fan. Loved you in Drive. That’s a very under appreciated work if you ask me.”


Again, nothing.


You can see that the show’s host is visibly nervous and has not experienced this lack of immediate praise in quite a few years. He has been on top of his game lately. He thinks to himself, “Pull it together Jimothy, this is what you were born to do.”


What happened next, simply can’t be put into words. After the initial stumble and relative shock that Jimmy Fallon had mistook movie star Oscar Isaac for a large sack of flour, the audience was captivated by him for the rest of the interview. When the director yelled cut, there was a standing ovation and each person knew that they had witnessed history. Unfortunately, all of the tapes of the event have gone missing and only those who were there to experience it truly understand what happened in those ten minutes. The rest of us must learn through first, second, and third-hand sources what occurred.


This is the verbal language of our ancestors. This is the Odyssey. Praise be!





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who forgot how much bugs ruin his life every day. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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