Find Out Which Instagram Filter You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Before It’s Too Late


What up nerds, it’s another zodiac listicle baby so let’s get into it. Everyone loves Instagram, right? Sure, let’s do something with that. I get the feeling that some of our zodiac specialists have some hard-hitting ideas about exactly which Instagram filters represent each of the different signs, so let’s find out what they have to say. Here’s Maggie with the scoop:


As they say, let’s get this party started. First up, Gemini:


Gemini: Saturated Toaster



toaster - gemini

Isn’t that just soooo Gemini? I know, right?


Not to be outdone, Aires:


Aires: Overdone Rise

rise - aires

That’s the king of high energy, hard-boiled leadership we look for in an Aires. Good on you, buddy.


Next, Aquarius:


Aquarius: 1977 Colorspolosion

aquarius - 1977

Aquarius you are a SOCIAL 🌈 JUSTICE 🌟 QWEEN 🔥 Your filter is 1977, because the 70s, with lots of filters to get as many colors in the pic as possible.


Next up, the best one, crab-time Cancer:


Cancer: Earthy Valencia

valencia - cancer

Low contrast, low brightness, nicely saturated – Just like you, Cancer. We’re glad you’ve finally come home.


Who’s next? It’s Capricorn, bitch.


Capricorn: Hudson

hudson - capricorn

Everything is stable in the filter edits, except structure. Structure is off. The. Charts.


Guess who? It’s Taurus.


Taurus: Lark

lark - taurus

Taurus is warm, bright, and earthy toned. They’re a total lark, getting joy out of getting the job done for the people they love.


Don’t you forget about me. Next up is Pisces:


Pisces: Dogpatch (this is a filter?)

dogpatch - alt

Pisces will help you GROW (dogPATCH) and will fade into the background so others can see their little egg t h r i v e.


Oh boy, here comes Leo!


Leo: Gingham, baby

gingham - leo

Leo! With the dramatic! Gingham! Lots of edits!


Oh look out, here comes Virgo:


Vigro: Reyes

virgo - reyes1

I knew a girl in high school who’s last name was Reyes. And she was helpful. Like Virgos. So Virgos, you get a slightly filtered for brightness Reyes.


Ooh, is that Libra?


Libra: Normal

normal - libra

Libra, you’re balanced. Au natural, as they say.


Our penultimate looksie belongs to Scropio:


Scorpio: Kelvin

kelvin - scorpio

Scorpio, you’re SUPER INTENSE. Super. Here’s a Kelvin for you, with edits as strong as the tea you’re spilling 24/7.


Finally, we have Sagittarius.


Sagittarius: No filter, but make it fashion. 

sagittarius - normal but fashion

Sagittarius – you’re fearless! No filter, but make it F*a~S*h~I*o~N


End of listicle.





This article was co-written by Nathan Ellwood and Maggie McAlister, with help from Holly Ratcliff and Veronica Nelson. They are all cooler than you. Follow them for more on Twitter @NPEllwood @MadMaggs21 @HollytheHare.



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