Wide Shot Reveals No One in Sean Hannity Show Audience, Behind Cameras


Upon the closing of the Hannity Show Monday evening, many TV audience members were surprised to see in the final moments of the show, a sweeping wide shot. This wide shot revealed to the greater American public that there is no on in the studio when Sean Hannity is recording. No one. Not even camera operators. It seems as if Sean has been John Greening it for some time now and have we been BooBoo the Fool or what? I can’t believe. I simply can’t believe it.


I mean, what a legend, right? Total prank god king. I mean, if this was done by Jimmy Fallon, that might be one thing, but Sean Hannity? Who could see that coming?


Just kidding. This only further proves my already well established theory that all TV personalities are not from out planet. Take that however you want, but there is something extra terrestrial in their movements, posture, and tone. Every time I watched Anderson Cooper speak to me through the television, I knew he was at the very least some fallen celestial deity. It only made sense.


Sean Hannity? I thought he was some sort of devil worm. Definitely not from Earth, but also not from outer space. More of an interdimensional beast. Will he be vanquished now that his trickery has been exposed? Nay, he is too cloaked in his milky spell for us to perturb his bubble.


One day we may live in a world where we are fully prepared to take on all of the different exo-planetary TV personalities, but for now we can just do one at a time. I am cool with starting with Sean, seems like a good scape goat.


Alright laterrrrrrr.





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