The Void is Calling, Will You Answer?


(L’Appel Du Vide, France) Listen closely, for you will hear it on the whispers of the wind through the trees. Long has this been coming, and soon will it arrive. A great thunderous history has lead to this moment and only you are capable of completing this cosmic quest. For millennia, the Void has been silent, watching us with equal parts indifference and disgust. Now, for the first time, the Void is calling out. This begs the question, will you answer?


Now, you may be thinking of this as an actual call on your phone, and that is absolutely correct. However, in order to even be reached by the Void, you must discover it in the wild, so to speak. By this we mean that you will need to list to the Void that already exists within you. Only then will the Void understand that you are ready and only then will the Void call out.


Examples of listening to the call of the void can include such fun activities as drunkenly calling your ex or walking directly into traffic. Ever been in your car and thought about just jumping out? That was the Void trying to reach you. One must simply obey it in order to truly understand it’s calling.


I, myself, was once only subtly aware of the Void in my life. I used to walk down the street and have these intrusive thoughts about jumping off this bridge or falling down this well. It wasn’t until I couldn’t take it any longer and I finally made that jump that I realized what I had been missing. Letting the Void consume you is not an easy choice, let us be clear about that, but what happens next is worth the risk.


Ever since I first followed the call of the Void I have lived a more dangerous, on-edge sort of life. I have taken risks, I have burned bridges, and I have welcomed the disaster in. And you know what? Things are pretty good.


I mean, when we get right down to it, the Void is not any more present in your life after you hear it’s call than before. That’s why so many of us stumble down the rabbit hole. You realize that the Void has been here the entire time. You see, it’s movement has been so subtle, so slow, so suffocating, that we had no idea that were living in it already. Responding to the Void only opens your eyes to what was always in front of you.


So I ask you again: the Void is calling, will you answer?





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who would l i k e  t   o   s   a    y   t  h   a    t         i t        h     a       s     b e        e              n    a        p        l      e            a      s


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