BREAKING: Start-up Founder Says Rival Company More Trustworthy Than Own Team



(Silicon Valley, CA) In a conversation at last night’s Founders ‘R’ Us meet up in downtown San Francisco, Ronald Rump, founder of the GreatAgain Token, appeared on stage with the founder of HowSecure.RU, Plaid Smooten. During their fireside chat, their conversations ranged from management to whether they were or were not planning a merger, or at least a joint project. They both denied it but in very different ways. Plaid just said,”no, that’s not happening.” Ronald, went a little bit further. “It is not happening and it never was going to happen. I know that my investors and my team members have shared that it was happening, but my team is wrong. I know that they are paid to be good at what they do, that many other startups would love to hire them or have their level of expertise and the technology that they do, but they are still very wrong and I am sorry they are behaving so badly. They make me mad and am sure that that never happens over in Plaid’s organization.”


When asked about the fact that for years Plaid and his team had been caught destroying parts of Ronald’s work, sabotaging his team members, and even ruining past investment rounds by spreading false information, Ronald said that that didn’t happen and that everyone should remember that there was another startup that also didn’t have a very good fundraising round and that Will Finton had emails that weren’t disclosed either.


When asked what that has to do with today’s press conference, Plaid looked away while Ronald doubled down saying it was the real story of the day.


Shortly after the panel conversation concluded, a majority of Ronald’s investors asked for their money back and his employees checked to see what it would take to leave the company. No one could believe that he was so brazen in his disloyalty to his own team, the way he devalued his own company, or the way his sided so completely with someone who everyone has known to be his and other startups’ nemesis for decades.


“If I could leave I would,” said GreatAgain’s head of security. “I’ve done the job I’ve been paid to do and at every turn, I am told that I am destroying the company that I’ve been hired to and signed my life away to protect.”


“The damaged to this company’s reputation was already significant, but I don’t know that it can handle today’s bombshell,” said legendary board member Don McFlain. “I’ve fought and suffered for this company over and over again against so many enemies under past leadership, but when Ronald took over, it was clear that meant nothing to him any more.”


“It is clear that Mr. Rump is one of the worst leaders in the history of Silicon Valley and if he didn’t have his client base believing his marketing materials and doing well for those that paid into his last round of funding, he would have been out as CEO almost as quickly as he was added.”





This article was written by Andy Ellwood, who once journeyed to the land of Australia just to uncover the secrets hidden within an everyday chai seed. Follow him on Twitter (he’s verified!) @AndyEllwood.


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