Tired of the Same Old Cliché Christian Books? Here’s One That Pretends Not to Be


Are you TIRED of the same old cliché Christian books that rely on baseline, often mangled understandings of faith? Are you SICK of reading authors who use cheesy metaphors that you simply cannot relate to? Telling you that all you need is to trust in the PROCESS, the JOURNEY, the PATH laid before you? Encouraging you to SWIM in the deepest oceans, CLIMB through the valleys, and PLUMB the depths of your sinful existence?


You’re in LUCK.


From Stanley Cross, Minister of Technology and Digital Presentations at Gateway Christian Churches, Inc., comes CLOTH, an inspirational memoir that rejects everything you’ve heard in cliché Christian devotionals.


CLOTH: How I Rejected Fashionable Christianity and Let God Style My Life is the story of Cross’s personal mission to resist the redundant Christian advice he’s always been told and live a life cut from a different CLOTH.


Described by several as EDGY, REVOLUTIONARY, and ESSENTIAL, CLOTH is the OPPOSITE of what you’ve heard in every other Christian book. See it as The Purpose Driven Life for the 21st Christian trying to live faithfully. In a world full of trendy and fashionable MOMENTS in the life of the church, what would it mean to live for a MOVEMENT—the MOVEMENT being JESUS, and only JESUS? CLOTH answers these and all other questions you, the general Christian reader, may bring with you.




  • What does living faithfully look like when you’re cut from a different CLOTH?
  • What is fashionable Christianity and why is it worse than anything else going on in the world right now?
  • What are the SEVEN pieces of CLOTH needed to live faithfully?
  • Why is this book considered edgy and not a cliché?
  • How did Cross learn a valuable lesson about being a Christian husband by seriously fumbling the invites for his wife’s dinner party?
  • How did Cross learn a valuable lesson about being a Christian dad by missing his son’s choir recital?
  • And more!


Are you ready to be STYLED by GOD? Then join Cross on a journey through the deepest valleys and the highest mountains in CLOTH: How I Rejected Fashionable Christianity and Let God Style My Life.


[CLOTH is continuation of Zondervan’s anthology series of Christian books WORDS TO LIVE BY, which only requires that the title be one word and somehow tied to Christian themes.]





This article was written by Ben Lewellyn-Taylor, who grieves with the willows by the stream. Follow him for more on Twitter @BLewellynTaylor.


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