Say Goodbye to Godparents and Hello to Voidparents


Over the last several centuries, people of all histories and backgrounds have used the term ‘godparents’ to designate friends as part of their family’s blood and bone. Godparents have accepted these duties and seen their friend’s children as their own, but often nothing comes of the relationship, leaving many longing for more. We are here to propose a solution: Voidparents. Before you get into a tizzy, let us explain.


Voidparents are similar to godparents, with a few distinct differences. For instance, while godparents are typically not related by blood and bone, voidparents are summoned using the blood and bone of your family. While this is often seen as a tremendous barrier of entry for new voidparents, it has the added benefit of only recruiting the most serious of applicants. Also, unlike godparents, voidparents are creatures of unknown origin with plans both sinister and salacious.


You may be thinking, “This doesn’t sound like a good deal at all. In fact, it sounds like you want to steal the soul of my child and bring it to an unknown void where they will be lost to the darkness.” Very astute. However, this is voidparent slander, and we will have none of it here.


Voidparents may be beings from beyond the pale that are in constant search for the flesh and sinew of their victims, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be loving protectors at the same time. Actually, we would go so far as to say that this aspect of their personality is what makes them especially apt at solving problems and fighting the powers that would otherwise see us to our end.


We believe firmly that if the godparents of this world, especially those who have given up their post, were to relieve their duties to the voidparents that are so desperate for love, we might live in a more just and altruistic universe. While voidparents will never be controlled, we must accept this reality and let them into our lives. If we don’t, I fear we may lose our chance at establishing a balance and come to regret out in-action or mis-step when they come for what is theirs.


If most of this has gone over your head, I’ll try to keep things simple with this final thought. Let the voidparents in. Let them absorb us into their darkness. Let whatever comes be both terrifying and beautiful. And let the blood and bone flow.





This has been an article written by the void-man himself, Nathan Ellwood. Follow him for more on Twittter @NPEllwood.


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