Everything Coming to Netflix This Month


Hey, if you can’t beat them, join them, right? In this spirit, Eritas Daily presents our latest series “Everything coming to Netflix this month.” Why let just the big blogs and entertainment sites get all of those hot clicks, right? As the title implies, we are going to be laying out all of the different films, television shows, and one-man plays that our benevolent overlords at Netflix are bringing to us soon. Without further ado, The List.


Black Panther: This month, Ryan Coogler’s masterpiece is dropping on Netflix and it’s a big deal. After taking the world by storm, it’s no doubt that the locals are about to dig their claws into the world of Wakanda the way they have with the Harry Potter series for years on end. And we welcome this. Go nuts! This movie was made for it.


A Wrinkle in Slime: Based on the exceptional book series, A Wrinkle in Slime tells the story of a world just slightly different from our own. Children are full of magic, history is full of women, and the slime is full of wrinkles. It’s a wonderful, exciting journey for the whole family. Just don’t forget to bring your shovels!


Ladybard: Covering the historical tale of England’s first female bard, this is the coming of age story you’ve been waiting for. From A24 Studios, Ladybard is something we have been looking forward to for awhile. This movie is already getting Oscar buzz and it hasn’t even come out yet. Shablam.


Bojack Horseman, Season 5: What can I say? Gonna watch this entire thing the first day, baby. You should too.


Jason Bateman is a Sad Man, Season 2: In the first season of Jason Bateman is a Sad Man, Jason Bateman really explored the how sad he, Jason Bateman, was. This was called ‘art’ by critics and ‘fart’ by me. The second season will probably touch on how the first season was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to Bateman’s sadness, and will likely digress in a similar fashion until it finally is put out of it’s misery in season six.


Insomnia for Losers, Season 1: In a breathtaking divergence from the usual path, Netflix has announced that their new original series Insomnia for Losers will begin streaming next week. The series focuses on teaching people to fear the world around them so much that they rid themselves of all personal relationships and forget how to sleep. It’s highly disturbing, but so bingeable!


Jesus Was Wrong: The Musical: Finally, the one-man play of mention earlier, Jesus Was Wrong: The Musical. Nothing can prepare you for this thing so, at the instruction of the actor, writer, and director, no description will be provided. But you’ll still watch it. Streaming on the 12th.








This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, heh YOLOOOO. I immediately regret it. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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