Forty-Three Percent of Area Man’s Personality Just Harry Potter


(Orlando, FL) In our world today, there is something new brewing in the online messaging and social media sites. It’s something as primal as the need for food, but it absorbs more of your attention and requires more of your devotion. We’re speaking of course about the world of fandoms. Yes, though they have begun online, the virus of fandom has now spread into the real world. So much so, in fact, that some citizens are claiming that it has absorbed entire portions of their personality. In today’s spotlight article we will take a look at Gil Stanwick, who’s personality is 43% Harry Potter.


First, a word on the Harry Potter fandom in general. They are hardcore. Some have compared the series to the Bible equivalent for these hardcore fans. They do not mess around. Okay, we can continue.


Gil was first exposed to the magic world of Hogwarts and all the fun found in the Harry Potter series when he was growing up in Memphis. Unfortunately, he was raised in a strict household that forbade any sort of spells, magic, especially including Harry Potter. Gil had to sneak away into his own under-stairs room to read the books by candle light. He felt as if he could truly connect with Harry unlike anyone else he had ever met.


After reading the first five books in the series, Gil could hardly contain his secret. When the sixth book was set for release, Gil began to formulate a way to sneak out of his home for the midnight sales event. Making up an excuse about a church lock-in, Gil took a train down to the Barnes and Noble to fulfill his destiny and seal his fate. The entire night was straight out of a magical dream. Gil knew he would never be the same.


For years, Gil continued to hide this part of his identity. Only, instead of suppressing this love, it spread beneath his skin. He grew to view everything through the lens of the series. He knew it was only a matter of time before it would escape him.


Gil ended up coming out to his family after college. Not only were they completely accepting of him, but they confessed that they had caved long ago and were avid fans themselves. From that moment forward, Gil was able to live his life to the fully, truly himself, unable to ever hide behind a wall of guilt ever again. He is now letting it take over his personality and this time, no one’s going to stop him.


He now lives in Orlando and makes monthly visits to the park, letting his love run free.


We wish him the best in his quest for enlightenment. Godspeed.





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, you know, the slime ghoul from the river? Follow him on twitter if you want @NPEllwood.


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