Opinion: Living in a Dystopia is Not Nearly as Fun I Thought it Would Be


(America, USA) As I look around my city, my state, my country, I can’t help but feeling a strange familiarity that I can’t place. I see protests suppressed with force, the press attacked on a daily basis from those in power, a government that doctors footage and runs a state propaganda network, but I still can’t place the feeling. But then I remember the heroes of the movies like Katniss Everdeen and Alex the Droog and I wonder what went wrong. Forgive me for asking this, but am I the only one who finds living in a dystopia isn’t as fun as you thought it would be?


I mean, is that so ridiculous? As a nation we have been inundated with stories of dystopia for over hundred years. While obviously there have been far more oppressive regimes in our history, this is a unique point, a precipice if you will, with an uncertain future that almost certainly will go poorly. Why then, do I not get a dope new outfit, preferably in a soft, inoffensive color that will match everyone in my family unit. But alas, we don’t have federally mandated clothing. Yet.


Instead, I am wracked with anxiety at all times of the day. Sometimes Apple will push a notification to my phone and It will literally ruin my day. I have to argue with people all the time about basic human rights and I don’t even get a cool hat like in Clockwork Orange or something. Ugh.


I will say, most of these dystopian movies have dope soundtracks, so at least we got that going for us. I mean, music has been really good for a couple of years straight. It’s awesome. But overall, this whole thing has not been that much fun.


And honestly, I can’t really see a future where everything will work out. Instead, I see our dystopian movie turning apocalyptic and then finally into some art movie with a hidden meaning that’s super depressing. Then, we’re back to Planet Earth exclusively baby! Call me when that’s on. I’ll make the popcorn.





This was written by Nathan Ellwoooooooooooood yep that’s me. Follow him here @NPEllwood.


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