Woman Thinks Coworker’s Idea Sounds Familiar Before Realizing It’s Hers


Much to the embarrassment of local woman Monica Sanchez, her coworker Tyler Dalton appeared to be presenting an idea that she mentioned to him months ago. In a Tuesday morning meeting with both her and Dalton’s superiors, he stood up and announced his intent to implement the idea without giving credit or even so much as just kind of looking in her direction in an ashamed way, as if to say, “I realize I’ve hijacked your idea.”


“No, it’s fine,” Monica had said to a source later, visibly agitated. “When Tyler first brought it up during the meeting, I felt kind of confused because it sounded familiar to me, like I had heard it before. Then I realized I had brought it up with both him and our bosses at different times and they had all completely dismissed it saying they’d ‘keep it on their radar.’ I was never able to take it any further. Apparently they’ve forgotten about that because they’re enthusiastically going forward with Tyler’s plan.”


Sources working at the business said later that Tyler was given an award for his ingenuity and innovation. Sanchez was seen screaming into her coffee mug at her desk around lunchtime, unbeknownst to her coworkers, who had grown accustomed to ignoring everything that came out of her mouth.





This article was written by Veronica Nelson, who is 2,000 years old, no joke. Follow her here @_VeronicaNelson.


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