5 Cliff Jumps to Try This Summer That Won’t End the Way You Expect


Can you hear it, the splashes, the “gnarly dude!”s, the throat yelling? What about the smell, the sunscreen on tan bodies, the fresh scent of clear lake water, the pissed-on campfire, can you sense it? Now don’t forget the taste. The hotdogs, the s’mores, the lake water coming in through every orifice, can’t you taste it?  You know what this is, right? That’s summer, baby! And it’s right around the corner. As fellow fans of the blistering heat that’s coming in the next couple of months, we want to help make sure you are having an awesome time all summer long which is why we put together this list of 5 cliff jumps that won’t end the way you expect.


So get your board shorts on and your crop tops ready, because we’re going to get wiiiiild!


Cliff Jump 1: The Escarpment of Skeleton Springs 

The first cliff jump we recommend is a little bit hard to get to so bare with as we give you some directions. Leave Cincinnati heading West, take an exit at the first Kum N’ Go that you see, follow the dirt path 3.4 miles until you hit the cedar trees. If you reach the oaks, you’ve gone too far. Walk over the waterfall and under the bridge to get the Escarpment of Skeleton Springs. The name will quickly become apparent, don’t worry. Just jump off the edge and, well, we won’t spoil the surprise.


Cliff Jump 2: Pete’s Crag

Next up is Pete’s Crag, a crowd favorite. Thankfully, this place is much easier to get to, you can’t miss it. You can actually see the highway from this cliff jump, which adds to the thrill. The other major thrill is that about halfway through your jump, you will enter a wormhole and briefly exist simultaneously in seven dimensions. You will be forever changed and find yourself back home in bed eight days later, surrounded by concerned friends and family.


Cliff Jump 3: Blindman’s Bluff

You won’t find this one, so much as it will find you. You’ll know you’re headed that way when the blindfold tightens around your skull.


Cliff Jump 4: Rocky Heights

Up in the Rocky Mountains we find Rocky Heights. Wow, how original. Anyways, this is the tallest cliff jump in America, so don’t be a dumbass about this, OK? It is highly serious and highly dangerous. Bring some climbing shoes and climb the highest peak. At the top, you will find a small diving board installed by a previous jumper. This is gonna sound weird, but you’ll need the extra spring, so we recommend utilizing it, you know, since it’s there. Again, we wouldn’t want to give away the surprise, so we’ll just tell you to make sure and pack an extra toothbrush.


Cliff Jump 5: The Edge Ledge 

The Edge Ledge is only for Edge Lords, so enter at your own peril and consider wearing Crocs on this adventure, because things are about to get slippery. Wouldn’t want to take a fall down the Gorge of Pain into the Den of Spiders now, would we? I didn’t think so. Make your way up to the legendary ledge and secure your footing. Run directly at the sun, no matter where it is in the sky, and leap when you start to feel the rush of the wind. You will fall like an eagle in pursuit and blow right through the space time continuum. You will never be the same and you will never miss your past life. If you are feeling particularly edgy, you can try making the jump again. No one ever has.


Have fun, and like my Mom always said, be vengeful!






This article was written by Nathan Ellwood,


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