Opinion: Drinking Games are All a Ploy of Big Cup

drinking game

(Stamford, CT) If you are like me, you’ve been to tens if not hundreds of parties in your life. Some of them have been good, some of them have been bad, but the one constant that has stayed through all of these various get-togethers has been the red cups that are always used to drink out of and play various games with. Well, today I am here to tell you that all of those cups and all of those games were created for the sole purpose of manipulating you into buying more cups and playing more games. That’s right, this has all been a ploy of none other than Big Cup.


What is Big Cup? Well, I’m glad that you asked. Are you familiar with the term ‘stakeholders?’ Basically it refers to anyone that has a reason to be interested in the success of your company. So, when I say Big Cup, I’m basically just referring to anyone that is involved in keeping the parties going. Or in other words, they are all stakeholders in the concept of The Party and it would be to their benefit to make sure that the party never stops.


So what do you do when the success of your business and more specifically you as a person depends on the continuity of a party atmosphere? You make up a bunch of random games that all have to do with the cups that you and your partners sell. For some reason, you make these cups super expensive and sometimes hard to find. You make sure that it is a requirement of the party, but not something that just anyone can pull off.


Now, what kind of games do they need to be? Well, obviously something involving drinking or else people will not realize how wack these games are. Then, you need to have some sort of slapping or tossing involved to really make sure that spillage is a guarantee. These are the critical components of a good, sound drinking game. One that will be sure to make you and your stakeholders lots of money.


But here’s the thing, I’m not writing this expose to get you to stop partying and playing these games. I’m not trying to harsh anyone’s vibe, OK? I just want you to be an informed consumer that fully understands who is pulling the strings. Sometimes it is good to look behind the curtain and comprehend that it’s just not that deep. Not even a little bit.





This was written by Nathan Ellwood, who appreciates the effort. Follow him @NPEllwood.


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