Meet the Woman You’ll Soon Be Calling Mrs. Bonesaw


“Bonesaw is ready!” yelled the man with jet black hair. “To make you his wife. Jenna, will you marry me?” And with that, a tasteful quintet began to play a romantic tune. The woman, Jenna, melted and immediately screeched “Yes!” Obviously, as avid fans of the wrestler known as Bonesaw, we were there in the bushes lurking to see this special event. And, with this insider news, we want to be the first to announce their engagement! But, who is the mystery woman who we will soon be calling Mrs. Bonesaw? Let’s find out.


Jenna Bloomquist was born in College Station, TX in 1985. For most of her childhood, Jenna simply followed the lead of her seven older sisters. She didn’t ever really have to wonder how to be a person, as she had so many examples that she could just follow their lead. It wasn’t until close to the end of middle school, when the next oldest daughter went on to high school, that Jenna experienced true independence for the very first time.


At this period of time, Bonesaw was a sophomore in high school earning his legendary nickname at regional wrestling tournaments across the northeast. Only, his grades were falling quickly and without a scholarship, he wasn’t likely going to get into college. Then his mom lost her job and he had to go to work. Basically, life happened.


So now Bonesaw is spendings his nights and weekends entertaining the masses with the one thing he has always been good at. He has a league of dedicated fans and loves what he does, but sometimes it can be lonely being Bonesaw. No one ever sees you for more than your persona and getting to know someone on a deeper level can be hard with that kind of barrier.


That is, until Jenna sat front row at eleven matches in a row. You see, while Bonesaw had been honing his skill, so had Jenna. She was now at the top of her law firm and the youngest partner. She had what she wanted out of life, now she was ready to make some mistakes. But don’t get confused, their love is very real. It’s just that they never would have met without Jenna seeking out disaster.


The moment their eyes met, they knew they were going to be together. The rest was just formalities. Even the proposal we just witnessed was set in stone the first time Bonesaw slammed his opponent in the back with a metal chair. Jenna was entranced and Bonesaw was ready for love. The rest, as they say, is history.


And from all of us here at Eritas Daily, we send our love to the happy couple.


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