QUIZ: Are You a Toe Ring Kind of Girl?


Hey there! Welcome to this week’s quiz. Today, we are going to be diving into the world of accessories and asking you the hard hitting questions that we need in order to answer one simple question. The question being, “Are you a toe ring kind of girl?” Something that every woman must consider at various points in her life. This is one that has haunted us here at the office for the last week and a half, but we think that we have finally cracked it. We have narrowed down the questions to the following and now you and everyone else can finally find out whether this toe accessory is your style. Let’s goooooooo!


Question One: What’s your star sign?

A: Capricorn, obvs.

B: Cancer

C: Blood Stone

D: Taurus


Question Two: Who was the last person you embraced?

A: Your Mom

B: Your significant other

C: The Void

D: A close friend


Question Three: Have you ever been to Europe?

A: While studying abroad in college

B: To visit family

C: Never. Please don’t ask me again

D: I hope to one day, when I’ve found a companion that I can share such an experience with.


Question Four: How many times have you eaten bugs intentionally in your life?

A: Only accidentally

B: 1-5 times, just for the experience

C: Every night for dinner

D: 10+


Question Five: How do you feel about the ocean?

A: Love it. Can’t get enough of it

B: Prefer rivers, but it will do in a pinch

C: Any form of water is good for the soul

D: I will remain on land, thank you very much.


Question Six: Do you want to be a toe ring girl?

A: I knew I already had it inside of me, I just had to find it

B: I’ve been wearing a toe ring this entire time

C: I’ve answered C on every question because I’m a total freak and toe rings were made for me

D: Nah, I’m good


I think by this time you know whether or not you are. We wish you luck on your journey, whichever way that takes you.





This quiz was written, created, produced, and directed by Nathan Ellwood, who also had a short cameo in question one. Follow him @NPEllwood.


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