Growing Moment: Area Man Acknowledges Ironic Interests are Now Just Regular Interests


It’s a big moment in every man’s life when he first discovers a truth of the universe that is essential to who he is doesn’t actually have to be. Today, we are putting a young man named Guilherme Baez on the spot for his recent growing moment that we think should be highlighted. You see, just the other day, at the age of 27, Guilherme realized that he could finally acknowledge that the interests he used to think of as ‘ironic’ had actually turned into regular ol’ interests that he could enjoy without the need to feel shame. “Huh,” he thought to himself. “This feels great. Maybe I should see where this takes me.”


The first interest that Baez realize was more than a mere joke was when he start really listening to Carly Rae Jepson. Sure, all of us have heard a Carly Rae Jepson song, but not enough of us have truly listened to them. Or at least that’s what Guilherme believes. “For so long, I thought ‘How could something that brings me so much joy be considered bad?’ And yet, I still struggle with telling people I am a Jepsonhead.”


Before long, Baez began to flaunt his new found confidence in even more extravagent ways. While initially he only expressed his love for Carly Rae’s music to his friends and family, soon he was telling neighbors and even people on the street to “Stream Emotion.” Then, finding so much success in his first non-ironic love in quite some time, Guilherme began to shout from the rooftops about another former ironic interest: Nicolas Cage films.


“Lots of my friends used to buy me Nicolas Cage films that they found in the five dollar bin at Wal Mart and I would just let them collect dust on my shelf. However, after the power started going out more, I didn’t have as much to watch so I turned to my DVDs. Turns out, I am actually a huge Cage fan and not even ironically.” In his excitement and progressing devotion to himself, Guilherme even went so far as to get a Nic Cage tattoo.


“At first I was happy for him,” his boyfriend Lucas told us. “But after awhile, I started to – and I feel terrible for saying this, but – I started to wish that he would like things ironically again. As long as his love for me isn’t some joke to him, I don’t care what he likes. Oh god, do you think he is only dating me ironically? Do I even want to be asking myself that question? I need to go, I’m sorry.”


Sounds like so far it has been a mixed bag in terms of results, but that’s life I guess. I’m just glad we were able to show off Guilherme’s victory in a real and true way. And don’t forget – it’s never too late to change everything about yourself. People in the witness protection program do it all the time.






This was written by Nathan Ellwood who thinks that the world would be a lot better without ice. Follow him @NPEllwood.

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