White Elephant Gift Has Legs


Uh oh! Looks like this White Elephant gift exchange is about to take a sharp left turn. Let me get you caught up. First, Devin stole from George who used his turn to steal from Barbara. Barbara was first to pick, so she chose a new gift, only for Patricia to steal hers again. Finally, Barbara was able to secure the toaster from Smita, prompting Smita to steal from Devin again. This lead Devin to choose a new gift, one that had been hiding in the corner of the room for most of the evening. From the first grasp of the outer packaging, Devin knew that this was an unusual present. This was further compounded by the fact that four, slimy legs were poking from the gift wrap.


Now that you are caught up, here is the scene that ensued shortly thereafter.


Ever the showman, Devin performed a slight shake of the box, asking the age old rhetorical question at these types of events, “I wonder who this one is from?” Unfortunately, before he had the chance to sit down or receive an answer, the box sprung from his hands and began to scurry across the floor before coming to a stop just beneath the refreshment table.


With mouths agape all around the room, Helga tried to calm the others by explaining what was happening. “Don’t worry everyone,” she began, rising from her place on the couch. “This is completely normal. I’m sure he’s just a little on edge with all of the people around, but trust me he doesn’t mean any harm.” As she approached the box under the table, another leg broke through the gift wrap and with this new mobility, the legged gift box slowly began to climb the wall towards the ceiling.


At this point, those who were on the edge about this swiftly made their way outside, shouting pleasantries about what a wonderful evening it was as they quickly made their ways to their cars, keys in hand. For those who stayed, the next few minutes were utter chaos a Helga continued to try and reign in her present, while other bold members of the group attempted to wrangle the box from the corner of the room where it now clung.


Before long, the gift had fully unwrapped itself, revealing not four, not five, but eight legs and a nasty, gaping maw. We wish we could tell you what happened from here, but any surviving record of those events has been classified as a matter of national security. All we can tell you is that next year there will likely be even more than one gift with legs, it was such a hit.


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