Move Over Christmas, The Real Reason for the Season is Finally Here


Not to be a grump, but I’m so glad that Christmas is finally over. Listen, I love Santa Claus and It’s a Wonderful Life as much as the next person, but when I think about late December, I don’t think about those things, I think about the true reason for the season. No, not Him with a capital H either, although there is a capital H involved. Yes, I’m talking about the Happy Honda Days Sales Event and boy is this year a real treat. Before I get into the specifics of these hot hot deals, let’s talk about the history of Happy Honda Days and why, in my opinion, they should be a national holiday.


First of all, Honda, our beloved benefactor, deserves all the respect in the world. Not only do they give us the gift that keeps on giving (a fuel efficient car), but for a discounted price (0% APR financing). Who’s gonna do that for you? Not Saint Nick, I’ll tell you that for damn certain.


Second, Honda Days are for the entire family. While other traditional holidays are typically focused on children, any Honda dealership getting in the spirit of the Deals will have something for everyone, young and old. Last year, I saw a 92 year old woman completely trouncing an 8 year old in four square at my local dealership. Just the magic of the holidays.


And for those who think that Honda Days is all about buying a car, you clearly don’t get it and I don’t want to waste my time explaining it to you. If you’ve never been part of something as magical as a used car sales event, experience something for once in your life ya goof.


The first time I went to a Happy Honda Days sales event, I was only ten years old. I went with my moms, since they had had their eyes on a CRV for quite some time, and the joy they had in their eyes when they brought it home was all I needed to know that magic is real. For years, we would reflect on the fond times of Honda Days. Even when things went south and we had to sell the car, we would always remember the joy that Honda Days brought us and smile.


So go out and have a Happy Honda Days! Trust us, you won’t regret spending thousands of dollars on a new car. The pure bliss that comes from purchasing a Honda vehicle is enough to last all the horrid, gross days of winter. Even if it means living in said vehicle.

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