Which Came First: The Guy Who Couldn’t Get a Date or the Guy Who Voted for Trump?


Ever since the 2016 election, there have been numerous articles written about the difficulty that conservatives, specifically conservative men, have faced when trying to find dates. Both online and in-person, these men have simply not been able to land a date, or if they have, it was quickly ended upon the woman finding out who they had voted for. Most of them have taken to message boards in order to air their grievances, giving us a fascinating look at the minds of these men and how they see the world. It has lead us to ask a question akin to the classic chicken and egg scenario. Which came first, the man who couldn’t get a date or the man who voted for Trump?


The hypothesis of this question is simple. Should these men blame the President for their lack of dating potential? Or were they simply men who couldn’t get a date in the first place?


In order to better understand this, we reached out to a few of the men who had made these posts in order to get their opinion on why this had happened. Here were some of their answers.


Billy, 25. “I consider myself to be a pretty normal guy, so when I started going on dates wearing my red hat, I was caught off guard when the chicks sitting across from me started to immediately get defensive. They would ask me ridiculous questions like, ‘Don’t you value my autonomy?’ and ‘How can you support someone like that?’ I would try to explain that I’m not who I voted for and that if they got to know me and my anime doll collection, they would see the real me. Unfortunately, most of them left before they could find out more.” 


Jamie, 34. “As a patriot and a former active military member, I couldn’t understand why women were so turned off by my advances. I consider myself a feminist and to me, feminism means that I can punch women the same way I punch men. That’s equality, right? I would have loved if these women punched me back, but instead they got restraining orders against me. What’s that all about, am I right?” 


Brant, 21. “It’s been hard. Trump was the first person I’ve ever voted for and now I feel like I’ll never live it down. No one wants to talk with me, especially women, after I tell them that I voted for him. I don’t get it. I guess I’ll just have to vote for him again in November to see what happens.” 


Additionally, for the sake of fairness, we also interview their dates to see whether it was Trump or something else that gave them bad vibes. Here are some of their enlightening answers.


Andrea, 29, went on a date with Billy, 25. “Did he mention that he also has a curious tattoo on his inner arm that he wouldn’t show me? Or that he kept referring to women as ‘females?’ How he kept going on and on about this girl from school that obviously was just trying to be nice, but this guy thought was the girl of his dreams? The red hat was just one red flag out of many, trust me.” 


Patricia, 31, went on a date with Jamie, 34. “He was just so obsessed with telling me that he was a feminist and wouldn’t mind hitting me to prove it. Do you know how scary that is? I just met this guy and all he could talk about was assaulting me. I had to see the date through only so that I could write down his license plate number before hopping in an Uber. I just hope someone sets him straight before he goes on another date.” 


Harriet, 20, went on a date with Brant, 21. “He’s young, I hope he changes his ways. But if he ever blames me for his decision to vote for that monster, he can go right to hell. That’s your responsibility, dude, and no on else’s.” 


Seems like the answer might be.. both? Maybe men vote for Trump because they see themselves in him and don’t want to live in a world where their actions have consequences. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they’re kind of right, but that doesn’t mean any of us have to date them.

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