Dear Nintendo, Where The Horns At?!


Hi Nintendo,


With Animal Crossing: New Horizons coming out in March, this would be the perfect time for Nintendo to finally tell us what happened to the protagonist’s horns.


As a day one Animal Crossing fan, I’m accustomed to .. well I guess what you could say is a horny experience..


See, I’ve played every game since day one of each respective title. In the original Gamecube masterpiece your character had horns on its head, and a perfect hat that always had holes and matched your shirt.


With each release we’ve seen more customization to the character, but with the 2nd title Animal Crossing: Wild World, the iconic horns that always made me question if I the lone human in this game was really an animal.


Who am I? and What am I?


I guess as of the 2nd game I’m just a regular human who can get haircuts and wear whatever I want. Speaking of choice, why wasn’t there ever a setting to turn the horns on and off? A horn toggle. A hoggle, if you will.


Nintendo, you’ve  got a couple of months of hype left. And if you truly wanted to expand on the lore, this could be your way to do it. After 15 years of the villager not having horns, I hope you give me the choice to grab life by the horns, with my horns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


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