5 Valentines Day Gifts Perfect for Your Partner Regardless of Their Age, Gender, or Belief in the Ancient Gods


If you didn’t already know, today is Valentines Day. More popularly known as The Love Holiday, Valentines is always an exciting time of the year because it allows you to tell the people in your life exactly how much you care about them and what they mean to you. Obviously, one of the best ways to do this is through gift-giving, an ancient tradition dating back to caveman and even some more evolved dinosaurs. Today, we are going to share with you 5 of the best Valentines Day gifts we have discovered this year that are sure to excited your partner regardless of their age, gender, or belief in ancient gods.


Let’s get started!


1. A long road trip to the top of the mountain. Who doesn’t love an impromptu trip up the mountain? I know I do. The views up there alone are well worth the trip and once you get there, you can have that discussion you’ve been putting off for months. Don’t worry, it’s time for this to happen.


2. A bear holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates. What’s better than one cliche Valentines Day gift? Two cliche Valentines Day gifts in one! Don’t forget that once your partner accepts the gift that you can then ask them where they fall on the debate of whether or not ancient gods should be allowed to vote.


3. A one-way plane ticket. Although this might seem like the end of a relationship, if you do it correctly, it could be a wonderful beginning. Send your partner on a trip for them to discover themselves, their passions, and, hopefully, the true reason why they won’t accept the reality of the ancient gods. Everyone gives in to the ancient gods eventually, so why not push them along a bit?


4. All the glitter that money can buy. Seen as the herpes of craft supplies, glitter can be so much more than you might think in small doses. I, for one, love to sprinkle glitter in my coffee. We recommend dumping your entire life savings into your glitter gift for the best return. You never know, this might the sign they’ve been looking for to make a change and finally start worshipping the ancient ones.


5. A really good book. And what better book than the ancient tome of Gallyrriux? Whether skeptical or not, the book speaks for itself and will do more than you ever could. Just give them the book and let the rest come naturally.


And there you have it. Have a great V-day everyone! Just don’t forget who we owe our souls. It’s the ancient gods, but you should already know that.


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