Opinion: Rain in the Forecast Makes Me Level Up


Of all of the new inventions in the past few centuries, the one that would blow the most pre-human minds would likely be the humble Weather App. Considering that most gods in the old days were based on weather, imagine how many people would lose their faith immediately upon seeing that we know exactly what’s going to happen. Like a little oracle in your pocket, imagine that. This leads me to my main point, something else that a Neanderthal could never predict. When I look at the weather and I see that rain is in the forecast, I level up. Let me take the liberty of explaining what I mean.


It starts with my fingers. Like in Spider-Man (2002 dir. Sam Raimi), long hairs immediately grow from the tips of my fingers and my senses heighten. It then spreads to my toes, where I become more firm in my stance, which ultimately shifts into something more heroic. This is when I know that rain will soon wash over me.


Some people claim to know when the storm is coming from a wonky knee or similar former injury that starts to throb. My leveling up experience is not like this at all and I don’t relate, but I think it lends to my theory that everyone is affected by changes in the weather just like me.


While I might level up, others take critical damage that can knock them out for weeks at a time. Some call this depression, which is also what I call it. Others simply go about their day, refusing to acknowledge that rain in an act of defiance. I never understood that. You should embrace it and let the rain wash over you. No one else can feel it for you.


But inevitably, my leveling up doesn’t last, for a few different reasons. Sometimes it is because the forecast is a lie, tempting me with the idea of a coming storm. Other times the rain comes, but rather than the delight of a thunderstorm, we are left with nothing but a light drizzle. That’s not what I signed up for. That’s not what gives me my powers.


And yet, every once in awhile, the rain feels perfect. I become my best self during these times and even though I am restrained to my home watching the rain come down, I know that better times await. Better times that I can start working on right now.


Or maybe I’ll just sit back and enjoy the present and all the chaos that it brings.

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