Report: There is a Room in Your House That Shouldn’t Exist


We come to you today with a special report. If you’ve been stuck at home like we have (please god tell us you have), you have likely begun to find new things in your house that you didn’t know previously existed. A light switch here, an extra crawlspace there, who knew all of these places were there this whole time? And what purpose could they possibly serve? This is what we are here to talk with you about today and, more importantly, issue a warning. You see, you likely haven’t discovered it yet, but there is a room in your house that shouldn’t exist. And, here’s the kicker, it wants you to find it.


Everyone has one, but none of them should be there. When you look at the blueprints for these homes, these rooms won’t be listed or mapped out. And yet, if you find the door to them or another entrance, they will be there clear as day. We will repeat this warning again, but under no circumstances should you enter this room if you stumble across it.


“What could be so bad an extra room?” you might be wondering. Well, first of all, we have no idea what this room might hold. Sure, most are just an empty room, but even this can be dangerous, with some reports being made of people finding an empty room only to never be heard from again. Don’t become a statistic.


Your next question might be, “But how do I know I have discovered an extra room and not a normal, additional room I simply missed at first glance?” Trust us, you’ll know. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s encouraged not to enter any room that you didn’t notice in the first 6 weeks of living in your home. If you didn’t notice it by then, it was likely trying to stay secret.


Finally, now that you have this information, you might truly be curious about what this room contains and where your extra room might be. We realize this risk in letting you know, but if we can save one person from a mysterious disappearance, it will be worth it. Trust us, the mystery will be fascinating to discover, but quickly turn bitter in your mouth when you realize you’ll never see your loved ones again.


So, remember that there is a room in your house that shouldn’t exist and leave it at that. Isn’t that enough?


(But if you do ignore our advice and enter the room but can still contact us, let us know what happens. We’ve never heard from someone who actually made it.)


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