Andes Mints, Werther’s Originals, & Other Candies From the Void


Picture this. You are in a home that feels familiar to you, but it is not your home. It has the feeling of familiarity, but everything feels just a little bit off. Like when you go to put the plates away, the first cupboard you choose is always just to the left of where the plates belong. You walk through this home and find yourself seeing visions or earlier yous all around you. You may have been in this home before, sure, but why does it feel like the home itself knows you, loves you, and has always been a part of you?


The feeling finally sinks in when you come across a small table with a bowl of candies you’ve never given much thought to. Andes Mints, Werther’s Originals, and other candies with names you never actually learned are sitting there waiting for you. You debate in your mind whether you should take on or not. At first you aren’t sure, but then you realize that it doesn’t matter one way or the other, so you grab a fistful.


How have these candies existed in your world for so long and yet you’ve never given them a second thought? Who is buying these candies, placing them in bowls, and then refilling them when they get low? Who would do such a thing?


In fact, the more you think about it, the clearer it becomes that no one has been doing this. The reality is that you can’t buy these candies in stores and should you ask someone where to find them, nothing but a blank stare will look back at you. “I’ve never heard of that candy,” they’ll tell you. “Please leave the store and take your questions to someone who cares,” they will add with an evil smirk.


Store after store will reject you, giving you similar versions of the same story. And yet, when you find yourself in that home again, the candies will be there, piled high in a bowl on the coffee table. When you try to find where these candies are coming from and can’t find bags to replenish the supply or anything hidden away, you start to let your mind slip a bit. You start to let the void take over.


And that’s when it hits you. Of course! How could you have been so foolish? These candies are coming from the void as a little treat. How they get there and why the void has gotten into the candy business is besides the point. The point is that the void does not care one way or the other, so you might as well enjoy them while they last.


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