Report: Yes, This is Still Happening


Remember the Before Times? Yeah, we all do, but that’s all behind us now. ‘There’s no normal to go back to,’ they say. ‘We’ve gone off a cliff in a bus driven by fate,’ others proclaim in the streets. And, turns out, this whatever this is, is still happening. And our lives are going to be different for the foreseeable future. But the reason we are bringing you this report today is not to fear-monger or to boil your blood, but to help you accept this, that everything is going to be OK. Sure, things will change and this will continue, but there is beauty in that as well. The sooner you accept that the better.


The reason we were brought to pen this special news bulletin is that some of you, not naming names, are not getting it. This is still happening. And protesting that fact is in literally no-one’s best interest, not even your own.


Do you know what happens to people who can’t confront their own reality? They begin to leave it. They begin to run adrift of time and even space, slowly disappearing into a void of ignorance, of lost knowledge, of unknowable dreams. When this happens, far more than your freedom to enjoy Baskin Robbins will be at stake. Your very soul will be kept in limbo and you will regret ever thinking you knew better than God.


Once you start to live in your new reality, you will begin to understand your folly and have the rest of the ‘time’ in the universe you now occupy to fully comprehend my meaning. You will slough off into a swirling whirlpool of time and that is when you will be judged and condemned.


I know this is dramatic, I know this is a lot, but going out in public now is something that can’t be done lightly and your trivial treatment of the situation is damning enough. Work through the fact that this is still happening and move forward, not ignoring it or pushing it to the side, but acknowledging it head on. The sooner we can do that and act for the betterment of those around us, the sooner we can start living lives with more purpose.


That purpose of course being to help create a better world for everyone. Or, is that not something you want?


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