MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ Named Song of the Summer for 11th Consecutive Year


For as long as anyone can remember, there have been two things about life that have been almost guaranteed, if not absolutely certain. First, is music. Ever since the first caveman banged one rock against another, humans have evolved and some might even say, perfected, the art of making music. Second, is seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall are parts of life that come and go every year without much thought. However, when you combine these two aspects of life, you get something more beautiful than the sum of its parts. We are, of course, referring to the Song of the Summer. And today, we are happy to announce that the song of the summer once again is ‘Electric Feel’ by MGMT, making it our song of summer for the 11th consecutive year.


It all started back in June of 2008 when Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden first recorded their hit track off of what we become an iconic album, Oracular Spectacular. “I just knew this track would be a big hit,” Goldwasser told us over Skype last week. “We just had no idea that it would stay in the charts, much less the hearts of the American people, for over a decade.”


So, how did ‘Electric Feel’ become such a phenomenon? Well, first of all, it slaps. That’s neither here nor there, just a fact that we all have to agree on.


Second of all, we were going through a lot in 2008, so this song has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. We had the financial crisis, Obama was about to become president, Coldplay was on the charts, and 2009 was about to happen. Let’s just say that we all were looking for a tune to pick us up and boy did we find one. Some people we interviewed about this story even told us they use ‘Electric Feel’ to calm themselves down for this very reason.


Thirdly, did we mention it absolutely slaps? Call me an electric eel, because I was shocked by the electric feel back in ’08 and never looked back.


And finally, the competition just hasn’t been there. Sure, Cardi B and Dua Lipa have made some certified chronic bops, but song of the summer? Not even close. This has even led some to ask, “Does anyone other than MGMT even make music anymore?” And the answer is no. After years of success, it is now against the law for anyone other than MGMT to make music. Get ready for a lot of synths, baby!






This was written by a calming oasis in a sea of utterly horrid indie-pop. We are, of course, referring to our lord and savior, Lorde.


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