Opinion: Millennials are Different Because We Grew Up with Shrek


All of my life I have read articles and been told by grown ups that all generations are radically different from each other. And for the most part, I have disagreed. In my experience, people will be who they are going to be and while the trends may be different, the people stay the same. That is, until recently when I realized that no, there is something different about us, the millennials. All other generations are the same, but we are different for one reason and I’ll give you a hint, he’s green, he’s monstrous, and he’s mad about everything. That’s right, it’s Shrek, a millennial cornerstone.


And before we get into this, I want to make something clear when I talk about Shrek – I am not talking about Mike Myers, I am not talking about Andrew Adamson, and I’m not even talking about William Stieg. I am only talking about Shrek as he exists as a fictional character, which is more iconic and powerful than any of the men who went into creating him.


With that out of the way, let me explain why we owe ourselves to Shrek and all of his flaws. You see, for people in the S Generation, the Shrekination if you will, Shrek was the first character we saw who was just a stinker, exactly who he was, and didn’t let anyone stop him from doing that. All of the other characters in movies around that time were so cut and paste, Shrek was refreshingly unique.


Ask any millennial on the street to sing All Star and I bet you they can with ease. That’s the power of Shrek.


So as you write your blogs, think-pieces, and bloodstone clawings, please keep this information in mind. Millennials are truly a different breed, specifically those born in peak Shrek times like 1988-1996, and that information needs to be spread. We can’t have so many people misinterpreting an entire generation and actually expect them to understand us. We need to have only Shrek-heads in certain positions, especially regarding content, if we hope to salvage our society from collapse.


I mean this deeply and truly. Shrek could save the world.


Remember this message, remember this generation. Or else, we’ll have to force you to remember the only way we know how with memes. Just an onslaught of memes. Choice is yours, but just remember that you were warned.


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