5 Key Differences Between The Office UK and The Office US

We all love content, don’t we? And what content do we love most of all if not The Office. But which version is better? Well, we don’t have time to get into that, so let’s take a different path instead. Let’s talk about these two versions and what defines them, makes them different. Obviously there are different senses of humor at play between Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell, but if you watched the show enough, you know it’s much deeper than that. We can’t promise that by the end of this you will know which one is better, but you will want to rewatch them both right away.

Here goes nothing.

1. The Office UK has significantly less episodes than The Office US, but somehow more bottle episodes. Maybe it was just Stephen Merchant’s wild brain, but boy did they love to do bottle episodes in The Office UK. I’m not sure if The Office US even had one that I can think of, but almost every episode was a bottle episode just because they were in a small office.

2. The Office US was based on a book, while The Office UK was based on a play. Only die-hard fans will likely know that the original play that The Office UK was based on was titled Unfortunate Workplace. The Office US was based on a novel titled The Fault in Our Stars.

3. While neither show directly references the critically acclaimed film Memento, they both have episodes where someone experiences short term memory loss and tattoos themselves chaotically. Christopher Nolan who?

4. According to the laws laid down in the King James Bible, not one character on The Office UK or The Office US is going to heaven. While I don’t find this surprising, we just feel like this seems harsh. I mean, not even Pam or Dawn? They put up with so much, they deserve it. Jim and Tim, eh, not so much.

5. The Cube of Hatred is mentioned in the pilot episode of The Office UK, but isn’t mentioned until season five of The Office US. Honestly one of the best arcs in American television history, The Office UK launches into the Cube of Hatred subplot way too fast. I really think the drawn out approach is the way to go and it really shows Rainn Wilson’s range.

So there you have it! You now have a lot more to look for on your next rewatch. Did we miss one of your favs? Leave us a comment below!


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