New YouTube Bylaw Limits Minecraft Creators to 2 Dubstep Tracks Per Video

Another day, another shot taken at those who pursue art for arts sake. As the beginning of a new month, YouTube released the updates to their rules, regulations, and bylaws. However, the reason we are enraged is due to one specific bylaw that is about to make my YouTube viewing hours go way down. We are of course talking about Section C 34-B where they stated that Minecraft creators would no longer be able to use more than 2 dubstep songs in their videos. This incredibly specific bylaw has the creators targeted up in arms and fans of both Minecraft and dubstep boiling over in rage.

We reached out to a few prominent Minecraft YouTubers and personalities to hear what they thought about these new restrictions.

BlockBoy, Japan. I love dubstep and I love Minecraft, since when is that a crime? Watch out, I might take my followers somewhere else. I can’t really think of a name for the website where I am going to host my videos, but when I do, you will be the first to know.

JudgementDay47, US. It really limits my freedoms, especially as a producer of dubstep myself. Thankfully, most of my tracks run into the upper 20 minute range, so it shouldn’t reduce my content output much.

Another guy whose Skype name doesn’t bear repeating, Unknown. This is fascism. No, I haven’t looked that word up in a dictionary, but this is it!

WitchMod, UK. Do you know how hard it is out there to be a woman and a Minecraft YouTuber, and now this? It’s all too much. My ad revenue is going to go in the toilet if I can’t at least have some boppin’ tunes behind me as I try to slay the Enderdragon or whatever. I mean, come on y’all, cut me some slack.

InsolentPig, New Zealand. Dubstep is in me and in my veins, so as long as the energy of that is in me, my viewers will still vibe with me. The accent does more than you could possibly imagine. Or, at least, in combination with dubstep it does. I guess this will be a great test of my talent.

So there you have it, doesn’t sound like they are happy about it. But do we actually care? Only time will tell.


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