Latest Wikileaks Dump Reveals Game of Thrones Writers Were Hired by Satan to Write 2020

As if the year 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, the latest dump of emails shared by Julian Assange’s hacktivist group WikiLeaks reveals that Satan himself recruited Game Of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to draft the script for what would happen in 2020.

The email chain which is dated to have begun in the fall of 2018 clearly explains events very in line with how the year has unfolded so far.

“Well we can kick things off with a possible World War 3 scare, that’ll be predictable and comfortable enough for the population given the current administration” writes Weiss in an email to Satan.

“Eventually we’ll want to change settings and distract people from the virus subplot cooking in another land, so I’m thinking wildfires in Australia maybe?” is shared in another exchange from Benioff to Weiss with Satan CC’d.

As the communication progresses, Satan clearly injects his creative input stating, “We really need this virus thing to blow way up guys. I really want to drag it out as long as possible.” Weiss replies, “I think it could be really great if all of the leading authorities have no idea what the hell is going on for months. First we could have them say facemasks don’t help at all, then do a total 180…same with how it spreads, maybe asymptomatic spread at first then change their answer, but then go back on it again. Everyone will really freak out and panic over that I think.

Benioff finally interjects saying, “lets not forget about the race war guys, I mean total apocalyptic meltdown at a biblical scale won’t really be believable by the right wing unless we have a solid race war in the mix so lets keep that in mind.”

Other conversations around killer hornets, bubonic squirrels, and HIV carrying mosquitos are all mentioned in the 500+ emails leaked. In true GOT fashion, things eventually lead up to Covid themed orgies and the president becoming infected as a result.

It remains to be seen how much of the remaining emails come to fruition, but for now at least fans of the series know why the eight season of the show took such a hard nose dive.


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