7 Things to Know Before You Move to Texas

Recently, there has been a large movement from people all across the country to move to Texas. Sitting at 2nd largest in both terms of population and area, Texas has always set itself apart due to it’s lone-star attitude and lack of income tax, making it the perfect place for people like Joe Rogan to set up shop. Now, with companies like Tesla, Apple, and Google establishing large footprints in the state, more and more companies and individuals are looking to Texas as a way to make a new life. As locals, we have put together a helpful guide of things to know before you make the plunge and make the Land of Friendship your home.

1. No one obeys speed limits here.
This might sound silly to you now, but the truth is that no one in Texas knows how to read, leading to people just kind of guess when it comes to speed limits. Most communication, even written communication, is expressed through variations of ‘yeehaw’ and ‘howdy.’

2. Spittoons are no longer in fashion in most places.
A lot of newcomers end in Texas with this idea that we are just like the Old West and are often itching to try out hocking a loogie into a spittoon. Unfortunately, most of Texas has moved on from these traditions, leaving many disappointed. However, we have to say ‘in most places,’ because there are parts of Texas that never left the Old West, but you don’t want to go to those places.

3. The sirens you hear are merely a test.
Don’t be alarmed when you hear the sirens begin to blare at 2pm on Wednesdays, those are simply a test. Will you pass? Well, that’s up to you. Good luck.

4. All Texas citizens must make a trip to the Alamo to pay their respects.
Before you move to Texas, you should plan your trip to the Alamo. Since every citizen of the state must visit at some point in their life, the wait can be killer, so we recommend booking your tickets before you even move so that you have a chance to go. Otherwise, we’ll have to send you to Oklahoma and no one wants that.

5. The heat can kill you.
Wish this one was a joke, but Texas is like Australia in a lot of ways, in that you can get killed by nature in a variety of different ways. The primary way being the sun, so be careful and drink lots of water.

6. The oil can kill you.
Again, this might sound funny, but this is deadly serious. The moment you see that oil shoot out of the ground, you will be overcome with greed and you won’t be able to rest until you become an oil magnate and crush your enemies. Thankfully, you can just avoid the Midland/Odessa area and you should be fine.

7. You will be an extra on Friday Night Lights.
Sure, the show has been off the air for close to 10 years, but that doesn’t matter in Texas. Regardless of when you move here, how long you stay, and whether or not you want to be involved in a drama series built around high school football, you will be an extra at some point in your life. Ask anyone you meet and they can tell you their role as an extra. Soon, you’ll have your story too.

All that said, if you still want to move here, we can’t wait to have you!


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