What the Glasses of Water You Leave in Your Room Think About You

(Burlington, VT) When you are in your own home, you are allowed to truly be yourself. For many of us, this looks like wearing comfy clothes and eating just about anywhere. However, now that we are all stuck at home, the routine of daily life can start to wear you down and your mental health can start to slip if you aren’t careful. Recently, I was confronted by my own depression when I began to hear the many glasses of water in my room talk to me. At first it was nice, but by the end, it felt like an intervention. Well, why don’t I let them speak for themselves.

Glass #1. Hi, yeah, so I am the original, so I feel like my opinion matters the most. I have been with Derek for months and he hasn’t put me away or washed me out, nothing. I’m there when he goes to bed and I am there when he wakes up. And honestly? I feel like I’ve served my time. Derek was doing OK when he set me down, but then everything changed and I haven’t seen the inside of a dishwasher in god knows how long.

Glass #2. #1 really thinks they are sooo special, don’t they? Listen, they were still a glass for refreshing Derek after he was working out. Working out! I was the first real depression glass, so I know him the best. He needs to work through this and come out the other side, not return to normal and pretend nothing happened. He needs to face this head on, trust me.

Glass #3. There was a bit of a gap between when #2 showed up and when I arrived, or so I am told. Apparently, Derek wasn’t remembering to drink water for a bit, which was not great. I guess #1 and #2 have this big beef or something, but I don’t really get it. I’m just happy to get a vacation from the kitchen cabinet.

Glass #4. I showed up almost exactly at the same time as #3 because Derek forgot he already had a glass of water upstairs. Only, I actually have a family to get back to. The others can stay, but take me, please, please god!

Glass #5. We just really care about Derek and think that he needs to begin confronting things or he’ll never change, just settle into his ways until he can’t find a way out. We do this because we care, not because we want to go back to the kitchen. Or, at least, most of us.

Glass #1. Whatever, I’m still the best. #1 for life!

Update to the story: We regret to inform you that Derek has done the dishes, thus resetting the proverbial clock for these glasses of water and beginning the cycle anew.


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