Area Man All For Believing Women Until it Affects Him Personally

(Hartford, CT) Like most men of his age, tech guru and biz dev Jim John-Stephens has lots of regrets. I mean, who doesn’t, right? But unlike others in his life, he doesn’t let that get in his way, which is what makes him a winner. Unfortunately, it also leads Jim to have some pretty glaring blindspots in his personal life. Another unfortunate thing about this story is that Jim is horribly Online. In fact, Online, Jim is seen as a huge feminist in various circles and even gets quote-tweeted occasionally for his musings. However, the sad reality is that he still has a long, long way to go.

@ManOnTheTown: I believe women, regardless of what the world says.
August 7th, 2020.

These are the things he posts for the world to see, but eye are ell the man is surrounded by abusers left and right, never once stopping them to question or challenge their behavior. Complicit doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So why does he present himself in this way? Why does he want the world to think of him as someone who cares about women?

Because the world is built to protect him, no matter what. Because he can get away with just about anything with a bank account big enough, and sometimes it doesn’t even take that. Because he can feign ignorance for a long time and tell people he is on a ‘journey’ towards a better self. At what point do you admit that you aren’t trying to get better?

And it’s not like he hasn’t had opportunities to actual take action. Multiple friends of his have told him about the behavior of his guy friends and every time he has defended them without question. Can someone like this turn themselves around?

The truth is more complicated than this, but yes, anyone can change. Anyone can become a better member of society, can ask for forgiveness and declare their apologies. Anyone, even the worst person you know, can find a new and better self.

The only question that remains is ‘when are you going to get yourself together and start the process?’ Anyone can begin right now, anyone can turn it around. It won’t be easy, but it will, trust us, it will be worth it.

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