Can I Offer You a Streaming Login During These Trying Times?

The word of the day is Coping! We all do it in our own special ways, but coping with the human experience is as natural as, well, the human experience. However, until the last 10 years or so, there had never been such a ubiquitous coping mechanism as that of the streaming service. Originally predicted in George Orwell’s prophetic novel TVs are Bad, streaming services have turned out to be just as addictive and formative to our brains as we always feared they might become. But then, when something like a pandemic happens, you realize just how lucky we are to be able to tune out the bad vibes.

This makes today, any day, the best time to offer someone a streaming login during these trying times we are all experiencing. After all, if there’s something that doesn’t need any more help right now it is big corporations.

Never apologize. Never regret giving your info to someone. Netflix can get bent.

We mean this and endorse this 100% and think that all things of this nature should not only be legal, but heavily encouraged by the providers themselves. HBO makes so much money because of the people pirating their content, not people paying them a monthly fee. That means they have a good product and their goal should be for as many people to see it as possible.

This is capitalism, this is taking it to the Max.

Because the truth is, we as humans only have so much time left and we should be focusing on helping each other as much as we can. We shouldn’t be grinding, we shouldn’t be making moves. We should be making art and enjoying the presence of our friends. The world will continue to spin and might even have a better future if we all just started focusing on helping each other instead of just ourselves.

But it means taking a risk. It means acknowledging your fear. It means that if you want to get a streaming login, you must first give someone yours. And you must do so with no intention of getting anything in return.

If more of us did this, behaved in this way, with no sense of competition or malice, we truly believe the world would be better. In fact, it might actually be some place where we all want to live. But we have to do it together or else we are all lost.


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