What Jurassic Park Can Teach Us About Capitalism

Although it has been 27 years since its original debut, Jurassic Park is still one of the most relevant films of the 1990s. From the props and special effects to the plot of the actual film, it stands the test of time and is still enjoyed by millions every year. However, like any good film, there are certain messages and themes that can be explored upon multiple viewings. For instance, a film like Jurassic Park can teach us valuable lessons about the moral and ethical problems associated with the capitalist system. Next, we will cover a few of these lessons and see what we can learn.

First lesson of capitalism in Jurassic Park is know when to quit. None of the horrible things that happen across those 5 movies should have happened if they had just recreated only the herbivores. But noooo. Capitalism dictates extravagance, maximalism, and excess. It demands it.

Second lesson is to listen to the scientists. Capitalism loves science when it is meeting whatever ends it sees fit, which is usually defense contracts and new ways to keep slavery legal. Unfortunately, the actual science that needs doing is not funded and even when the studies come out, people don’t believe them anyway. In both our real lives with climate change and in the Jurassic films with the multiple doctors and scientists, simply taking their advice would allow all of us to live a whole lot longer.

Third lesson is to don’t exploit nature for the sake of profit. We’ve been doing this for hundreds if not thousands of years, but this whole time we should have been listening to those who truly understand the land we walk upon. The more we destroy, ruin, and exploit nature for the bottom line of a few corporations, the further lost we become.

Fourth lesson is never trust your grandfather with a lot of money. We’re not saying that your grandparents aren’t financially responsible, we just mean that if you come from generations of wealth, your family definitely has some skeletons in its closet.

Fifth and final lesson is let Laura Dern run things. So much of Jurassic Park could have been avoided if the men in the film had just listened to Laura Dern. We’re pretty sure that the same case could be made for the men currently in power. Which is why we propose putting Laura Dern in charge when the revolution finally gives us the chance to elect our leaders democratically.

So basically do the opposite of everything they do in Jurassic Park and we should be good. Simple as that.


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