Fifth ‘Once in a Generation’ Storm in As Many Years Probably Just a Fluke

(Somewhere in Texas) If you’ve been in the middle of the country this week, you’ve no doubt experienced the biting cold of the latest ‘once in a generation’ storm. From the Gulf of Mexico to the cheese lovers of Wisconsin, everyone is getting a little taste of when Mother Nature has too much to drink in the morning. Unfortunately, many in the nation are without power due to this bout of extreme weather, especially in the southern states that are woefully unprepared for record-breaking colds. In fact, now that we think about it something similar happened last year, and the year before, and the year before that. Probably just a fluke, right?

I mean, let’s think about this – what would 5 once in a generation events in a row mean? Either our generations are getting dramatically shorter or we are experiencing something beyond our current perception and vocabulary. We have to assume the latter is the case, but let’s take look at some evidence to find out what that means.

It sure feels like the climate is changing, but that seems unlikely. If the world we lived in was shifting on a dramatic scale, wouldn’t that be all we talk about? Wouldn’t the governments of the world have banded together to figure out a plan of action? Far more likely is that, due to years of abuse, the benevolent Punxsutawney Phil has cast his spell of winter on us again and cranked up the volume this time around. To me, it seems far more likely that a deified groundhog is behind this than something as simple as not recycling or banning fracking.

Of course, that doesn’t explain other once in a lifetime events that keep occurring on a more regular basis. Looking back at the last few years, there have been more economic crises in my life than I can count. Seems like that shouldn’t happen in a functioning system, no? It feels like our game keeps crashing right before we unlock a new level. Again, I can’t quite explain it, but to me it seems far more likely that we live in some sort of simulation than to admit that the few hundred people that control all of the money wouldn’t have my best interests in mind.

This is all just our opinion of course, but it all seems like a fluke, nothing that should be analyzed further. I’m sure these two examples could be related, I just can’t put my finger on how. Oh well, it’s only the end of the world after all.


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