Opinion: I Was Born with Boot Straps in My Mouth

I would introduce myself, but I already know that’s a trap, so instead I’ll just tell you who I am. My name is Boss Stark and I am what some people call a serial entrepreneur. This means that I am always working, always hustling, and always striving for the unattainable. I don’t make friends easily because most people don’t have the same vision that I do. When you’re playing a game, you want to win, right? But the truth is, I wasn’t always the person you see in front of you wearing a $1200 leather jacket. I worked hard for what I have and I think that by sharing my story, you’ll see that it was possible too. You see, some of my colleagues were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Me? I was born with a set of boot straps.

Let’s jump back in time 32 years. My parents had just arrived here from a different part of California without a cent to their name. 8 months later, I was born. That’s right – the first industry I disrupted was my mothers’ pregnancy. As I entered the world, I looked around in awe, fully unaware how lucky I was and how hard life was about to become.

Throughout the course of my childhood, I never got all the things I wanted (only some). I never was given special opportunities (just normal ones). And I certainly never took a handout (from the government, at least). From the moment I was born, I knew that the bootstraps I came with would hoist me to new levels my parents had never dreamed of. The American dream was mine for the taking.

From a young age, I was always causing a scene. Whether it be due to my bold ideas or the fact that I refused to wear pants until age 8, only time will tell. I like to believe that my teachers couldn’t handle my intellect, which was why I was constantly going to detention. Thankfully, my school was pretty progressive, so detention mainly involved reading from Atlas Shrugged. The irony is it became one of my favorite books.

Then, 9/11 happened. Never Forget.

Attending high school wasn’t really my thing either, but as I reread Atlas Shrugged again my junior year, I realized that I was simply training for the real world. This invigorated me. I started running small businesses outside of school, buying products at Costco with my Mom’s credit card and then selling them for a massive profit after 5th period. It was this money that I would later use to fund my first venture.

Actually, I would like to take this moment to acknowledge my parents. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them and although they didn’t give me much, they did the best they could. Plus, with the money my grandfather gave me, I really never had to work at all. I think that’s what motivated me to become a business person. The sport of it.

Now, I’ve been running businesses since I was 19 and I’m one of the wealthiest people in the Bay. As you can see, no one helped me to get where I am. Well, except for maybe Ayn.

I hope this inspired you. I know it inspired me.

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